Providing amazing, useful and affordable system to make your building better for your activities

Fisbang Home

Hardware efficienty gathers data then software tell us what to do.

You will love timeline at your phone. Easy to understand, useful and (hopefully) fun to use.

Save your energy and make your home even better. All available Q1 2017

Click here for demo

Fisbang Enterprise

Useful dashboard for recording all data and activity for building operation and maintenance

Connecting to energy monitoring to let you know how your building use energy then save more.

Build with useful applicaiton such us interactive forum discussion or data processing

Better operation and maintenance. All Available at end of 2016

Participate with Fisbang

Fisbang has vision to provide useful system for everyone's building. Affordable hardware and easy to use software. We hope an sure this system can help anyone to save more energy and make building even better

We invite everyone who interest with what we are doing for better builing for everyone. Please contact us by mail to and we love to hear if you want to participate with us.